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Default Still sending SPP Messages

Hey guys,

I am using Reaper in conjunction with my Looper pedal (Ditto X4). I want the looper pedal to get the clock information (tempo) from Reaper. This is working properly.

What is not working properly is all of the additional messages being sent by Reaper. I have set Reaper to export clock with NO SPP. But as soon as I click start in Reaper my looper pedal is receiving some sort of message and immediately starts playing. This is not desired behavior.

I also do not want any other SPP messages (continue, reset, etc) to be sent. While not the topic of this thread, I would like to learn how to send these messages myself when it is time to do so.

Anyways, can someone help me to get Reaper to only export the clock and send nothing else?
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