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Default Drum mapping questions.

Hi guys,

I have a couple of questions regarding midi mapping using Addictive Drums.

I've been tryting to create my drum beat this morning and have run into a few issues. The first is:

I want to just create an empty item and go straight into the map editor to create the beat. However, I can insert an empty item, but that's it. Is there any way of, once I've created the empty item on the AD track, to go straight into the map editor? So far, I've had to drag a beat from AD onto the track to create an item then double click on it and get into the map editior that way. Once in the map editor, I would select all the notes and delete them so I have an empty track. There must be something I'm missing?

The next issue is:

I noticed that when I'm adding notes, the bar was instanced. So one note added in the first bar would be added to the rest of the bars, which is brilliant for a quick rhyhtm track. However, is there a way to turn this instacing off once I've done the whole track so I can go in and add extras without them being instanced? Once I've created the rough beat, I want to add splashes, fills etc... but don'e want them to be added to all the other bars too.

Thanks alot in advanced guys.
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[Maybe I misunderstood, but ...]
Insert "a new MIDI Item" rather than creating an "Empty Item".

Or, Ctrl + drag your mouse to draw in a new MIDI Item (if no existing clip is selected).

What you are seeing the behaviour when the clip is looped over several occurrences. "Glue" the clip (it's on the right-click menu), then change its Item Settings (also on the menu) and unselect "Loop item source".

Or keep the loop main pattern and add the extras in separate clips as and where you want.
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To the first question:

You can load drum maps directly in Reaper's Midi editor and save with your project.

Here's one for Addictive Drums:

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