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Default Can I use MIDI to switch track FX in and out?

I would like to be able to switch track FX in / out, control track muting and ideally I/O using MIDI control signals output by a VST - is this possible? I can't see anything in Reacontrolmidi but so someone could clue me in that would be excellent.
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Hi, look into a section of swsS&M extension ( a must have !)
Called live configs. Once set up is pretty easy to use.

Example here http://forum.cockos.com/showpost.php...14&postcount=6

Allows you to swap between two tracks each with diff fx chain, same input, it mutes the non used track saving CPU.


Ok, Reading your post again you might want something else...

There is a utility vst called midi to reacontrol path that take midi from (your vst) and allows you to bind that midi to reaper actions, e.g mute, fx bypass etc. I find link

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That looks to be exactly what I need - muchos gracias!!
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Be aware that the control path is global, and there is essentially only one "port/channel" for it. That means that every CC you try to map to anything must be exclusive or else it will do multiple things at once. A number of actions are mapped by default to control certain things, and it can be really annoying when, for example, you go to tweak an effect parameter and end up scrubbing the playhead or panning track 7 at the same time. I only use it for actual transport and mixer tasks.

For VST parameters I prefer CC to Parameter because it's far more discreet, and allows you to use all of the different routing features of Reaper.
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