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Default MIDI+GuitarRig+FCB1010 It works, but...

Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and, as a Cubase user, I'm a Reaper newbie too.
Yersterday I downloaded Reaper just for evaluating if I could consider it as my "live" light DAW.
I'm sorry for my bad english, I try to explain the situation and the problem.

In my "live" setup I use Cubase to record and playback tracks while I'm playing with Guitar Rig.

I use a FastTrack Ultra and:
- input 1 is for guitar
- output 1 and 2 to mixer/voice PA
- output 3 to "return" of a real guitar amp + cabinet (with only guitar signal).
- FCB1010 connected to MIDI in
- input 3 and 4 for panoramic mics

In Cubase:
- created an Fx track with GR in insert
- created a midi track that gets the input from my FCB1010 and routes it's output to the Fx track
- created an Audio track that routes the output to Fx track
- Routed Fx output to the proper channel (out 3)

This setup works well and I tried to "port" the same setup in Reaper...and it partially works.

Here's my Reaper setup:

Track A:
-gets audio input from my FastTrack Ultra Analog 1
-has a GR5 effect
-monitoring enabled

Track B:
-gets midi input from FastTrack midi (All channels)
-sends the output to Track A
-monitoring enabled

With this setup I'm able to change GR patches and hear the wet signal from GR and I can use it with the reast of the band.
Here comes my problem.

In the place where we practise we've 2 panoramical mics that we use to make quick records of the entire band.
I use input 3 and 4 to record from mics while still playing using the same daw.

With Cubase I just arm the audio tracks relative to inputs 3 and 4 and the only things recorded are mics.
I don't want to record my dry signal or midi events, just play thru Cubase and record the input from mics as a result of the ensemble.

With Reaper I record all, even midi cc/pc events and my dry signal because the only way to make this setup to work is to arm Track A and B...and that makes Reaper to record all.

Is there a way to keep changing patches in GR and hear GR wet output while recording and avoid recording all except tracks I want to record?

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Hi Anivar, fellow FCB1010 owner here.
You could try right clicking the record arm button on tracks A and B. That will bring up all the input-output-monitoring options. Then select "Record: disable (input monitoring only)
Does that achieve what you want?
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Here's a gif of what I mean. (Sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know!)

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