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Default Are there any new things in R6 which are not covered in the reference materials yet?


I was wondering of there is a definitive list available of all the images that can be used with the REAPER theme.

I have been looking at the images that come with the V5 and V6 themes and some images are only used in V5 and some only in V6.

I understand that images supplied would be dependent on whether they are needed or not. For instance, in the R6 theme there are a lot more overlay files.

Also, as I am new to the theming process, I am left wondering, "what am I missing here?" or, "could there be an image available for my needs that hasn't been included in R5 and R6."

In addition to that, it would be a great help if that list contained the UI elements that each image was linked to.

I have spent some time looking around the stickies in this forum and done additional searches here and on google and I cannot find any such resource.
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