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Default Weird thing going on in dev1222 and release

I've got a project that was playing fine and after the last edits, it both played fine and created a perfectly fine MP3, so I saved it and closed out.

An hour later I open it and it is struggling to get past the first four beats, before anything plays, where no clips exist.

Increasing the latency doesn't resolve it, but putting at a point in time where a clip does exist and it plays with no struggling.

So I recorded a mute audio clip up to where the real clips come in and upon hitting play it struggles for about a half to a quarter second, then starts rolling like nothing is wrong.

This made me thing denormal might be the issue, but I have that option ticked. I was originally running 6.02 but downloaded and installed the dev1222 version and it does it too.

Edit: I found the issue and it was a monitoring effect which I had enabled. Don't know if this is unique to that plugin or not. Will have to do more testing.
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