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Default A better AI?

Hey guys;
I have been using a Behringer UMC202HD on Windows 10 Pro for a while.
I am generally happy with the audio quality (so long as I don't put my scope on it), but there is one really annoying issue I have with this AI in Windows 10 (latest build).

When the computer is allowed to enter sleep mode, the Behringer UMC will not always (sometimes it does, sometimes not) work after waking the PC.
This is apparently a long-standing issue with Behringer, as they have not updated their Win 10 drivers for a very long time, and it doesn't look like there will be an update for the UMC202HD in the future.

I was advised to use full shut-down rather than sleep, but since I have a dual-boot with Ubuntu 20.04 using grub2, it takes a while longer to boot up.
I can just leave the PC running, only blanking the monitors after 15min or so, and that will probably satisfy my OCD need to control my carbon footprint.
My system is AMD Ryzen 7 3700X on ASUS Tuf Gaming X570 Plus WiFi mobo.
I believe this system is pretty good at power saving even without using sleep, so leaving the PC running until I go to sleep myself could work for me.

Still, I may be looking for an upgrade to the AI.
When I put my oscilloscope on the output (breakout between headphone jack and headphones) I see so much noise it's hard to believe I don't hear it. But it is high frequency noise, originating from the USB interface.
I suppose I could try running a ground strap from the metal case of the UMC to the HQG (high quality ground) I use for my ham radio station - bonded to a ground rod outside and to the electrical service ground. I doubt that will make a difference though. I already have the computer case itself bonded to that HQG. I'm not sure about the USB cables I am using though. For the UMC I am using the cable that was supplied with the AI.

Before I write a book here, let me just say that I might be looking for a better AI. I only need something simple, like the UMC202HD. I don't need a full mixer panel or even MIDI.
The Behringer UMC202HD cost me about $50, so I probably should not have expected perfection, but I did expect decent support with drivers.
I may go as high as the $150-$200 range for a better interface.
I am using ATH-M50X cans, so I think I could justify spending a bit more on the AI.

I will need the AI to be 100% functional in Ubuntu 20.04. I have already downloaded the 64-bit Linux (beta) version of Reaper, and plan to do as much as I can in Ubuntu.

Thanks for your advice
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Originally Posted by fwrunner2018 View Post
I see so much noise it's hard to believe I don't hear it.
This rather obviously is a measurement problem.
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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
This rather obviously is a measurement problem.
I'll make some more measurements, but from what I recall, the 'noise' I was seeing was not in the audio range. It was probably from USB data, but it could also be that the probes I am using are junk.
The scope is a Siglent SDS1104X-E. It appears to be a decent scope for the money, but came with junk probes.

That said, I also recall having compared the output of the UMC with the output of the built-in Realtek audio on the PC, and didn't see the noise on the Realtek. I will take the measurements again when I get more curious.

Generally, i am happy with the sound from the UMC202HD. It's the Windows 10 drivers that gives me a problem.
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