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Default v5.979+dev0618 - June 18 2019

v5.979+dev0618 - June 18 2019
  • + Envelopes: don't preserve relative differences between points when editing via action [t=222016]
  • + MIDI editor: improve hidpi/retina drawing
  • + Performance meter: improve win32 hidpi drawing
  • + Render: add option to render selected tracks via master
  • + Render: support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master
  • + Splash screen: improve win32 HiDPI
  • + Toolbars: improve hidpi/retina sizing (including editor and icon picker)
  • + UI scaling: apply advanced preference scaling changes immediately
  • + UI scaling: fix theme rendering bugs when using custom scaling
  • + Windows: HiDPI display improvements (auto-rescale more UI when running HiDPI aware)
  • + macOS: retina display improvements (retina display of arrange, ruler, MIDI editor, etc)
  • # JSFX: embedded hidpi support
  • # MIDI editor: snap inserted points to existing CC segment if nearby
  • # ReaComp: fix memory leak in embed mode, hidpi
  • # ReaEQ: retina support, retina embed support
  • # ReaFIR: retina drawing, embed
  • # ReaSurround HiDPI
  • # ReaXcomp retina support
  • # plugin embedding: improve retina/hidpi support
# note: on macOS you use a hidpi theme such as default_5.0_hidpi or default 6.0 alpha then embedded plugin UIs should render in retina

This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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