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Post Reducing MIDI 'latency'

Last night I discovered that "Offset output to this device by" (in the Configure MIDI Ouput menu *) can reduce the MIDI latency I was experiencing when playing or recording my Minilogue with Reaper via USB MIDI, simply by entering a negative amount of ms. Strange though that zero or little MIDI latency has to be configured and isn't default. Surely more people are sequencing HW synths, like I am?? What are your experiences?

I might need to clearify that I'm currently using Reaper purely as a MIDI-sequencer, like I used Music-X on my Amiga, in a previous life, so I'm not talking audio latency here. In Music-X zero MIDI latency wás default, so how come 20 years of music software development later it's not?

Let me know, thanks!
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* Chapter 10.9 in Up and Running: A REAPER User Guide.
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I have a midisport 4x4. I run most all my midi input/output thru this... Exception is my midiplus akm320 which i plug into my usb buss.

For the last couple of years, i used a windows 7 laptop. I never noticed any midi latency that i can remember. Maybe i forgot.

I am now on a windows 10 notebook and i do notice midi latency with the midisport, but not the midiplus. I don’t have an offset set, i just nudge the midi items...

This works for me as i have no need for live play, i’m composing and recording...

Like you i sequence from the akm320, a yamaha mx49, or akai mpc1000 and use Reaper as the destination to record the midi and ultimately the audio...
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