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Default Is it hard or possible to use TCP from one theme and MCP from another?

I've found two themes I like, but I don't like one on the other, etc.

Is it possible to use the TCP from one theme and the MCP from another?

How hard is this to do?

More importantly, how hard is this to do for someone who knows nothing about Walter?
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very hard for someone like that... virtually not possible without lotta learning
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Provided that both themers kept all the mcp stuff in a section (didn't jump between mcp/tcp/whatnot in his code) which I assume most do, I'd say the WALTER part is fairly easy even if you don't understand what all the lines actually do. Eg in my rtconfig one can easily find, select and copy (or replace) all mcp (and mcp master) related code in one swoop because it all lives in a "chapter" labeled "MCP". That would leave just a few lines in the init section (like mcp_voltext_flags) which are easy to make out as well by looking for lines starting with mcp_.

The much harder part however may turn out to be to collect/replace all relevant images. That would for sure be a pretty tough job in my theme.
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I've done it

As gofer said, the easy bit was copying the TCP definitions (and their image sub-folders) from one theme to another. It then took several hours to modify my image files and sort out the image positioning. (And I think I know what I'm doing. )

Oh and I renamed the Layouts so that my Layouts window mappings were still OK.

I'm not sure that I've finished yet. I'm using the combined theme here and fix it when I spot a glitch.
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