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Originally Posted by Alleyoop View Post
Hi guys, I haven't been using Faderport very long.
The Off button in Fader Mode doesn't work for me. It doesn't light up, doesn't latch and doesn't disengage the fader.
Read, Write and Touch work fine, but the fader is always active on the selected channel(s), which of course is easily bumped accidentally.
Any tips on how I can fix this?
Presonus support just points me back to this thread

The off button doesn't work like that in Reaper. It simply turns the automation mode to "off" in the track. Meaning, that it no longer reads any written automation. The off button doesn't turn the actual motorized fader off. That would be unexpected behavior for most of us. If you are worried about bumping faders, then I'd suggest unplugging the faderport when not in use.
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My mistake. It doesn't disable the automation lane in that track. Rather, it turns automation into Trim/Read mode. In this mode any recorded automation plays back, but the fader becomes a trim fader for that track. Good way to boost a track by say, +2db while maintaining any automation that's been written.

And yes, the off button doesn't light up in this mode with reaper.
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Default FX Mode not working with TDR Nova GE

Hello folks,

I have the TDR Nova dynamic EQ, Gentleman's Edition (GE). The Q and FREQ controls on individual bands don't respond properly to the fader when in FX Mode. The GUI controls move the fader, but the fader does not move the GUI controls properly. All controls apart from Q and FREQ work as expected.

Has anyone else tried Nova GE with FX Mode? I've contacted TDR support and they're keen to help figure this out.

Nova Standard edition works fine, by the way.

Update: TDR have been able to replicate the behaviour, and are working on a fix.

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Default Faderport 2 (2018) version

I now have THE NEW 2018 FADERPORT 2 in my possession but obviously got too excited and forgot to check if it would work right away in Reaper before I bought it.

I can get the fader to work manually and assign some of the buttons some functions under MCU (Live), with the help of Kenny's videos, but Im sure Im still missing some cool stuff.

Anybody else have anything to share, c'mon its been out about a week in the US?

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