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Default Plugin fails to load once, then doesn't load when fixed?

Hi, I think I know what happening because it happened once before. I'm trying to load EastWest Player. However the first time I opened Reaper, ILok wasn't open so it failed to load and I had to close Reaper. Now Reaper doesn't even try to load the plugin even after I registered it (though it works in other DAWs). This happened once before with a different plugin when it loaded incorrectly, then it wouldn't load in Reaper because Reaper considered it broken and I had to do something to get Reaper to recognize it as not broken and load it again. Does this make sense? When a plugin in Reaper doesn't load the first time for some reason it designates it as broken and doesn't reload it when the program is reopened or folder rescanned and there's something I have to do to make Reaper understand it isn't broken anymore and load it upon rescanning the plugin folder. Sorry it's difficult to describe, anyone know what I'm saying?

[Edit] Sorry, I guess re-opening and rescanning plugins wasn't enough, i had to clear the cache and rescan. I thought it was more complicated... apologies.

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Do a CLEAR/re-scan instead of just a re-scan. Reaper offlines any plugin hat has failed to scan first time round so it doesnt mess anything up when re-scanned.
Clear/rescan puts the failures back in line.
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