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Default Ninjam On Raspberry Pi?

Well, hello all once again! I have become the proud recipiant of a couple of raspberry pi's and it occurs to me that Ninjam would reaaly be fun to get running on it. Sadly though, I'm getting compiling errors. I don't have the exact error message, but I don't think it's even getting past the first file. I know that the Raspberry Pi uses a Debian based image and the last os I ever got ninjam to compile on is Slackware 14.2. I'm also wondering though, if it won't compile because the chipset is ARM based and not Intel. Any help welcome, as I'm a total newbie where compiling is conserned.
Take care all!
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Without any detail in what you've done, it's impossible to say what the problem is out of the vast scope of things that could be wrong.

However, at random, I'll guess you're missing some libraries with their headers.
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You can use REAPER for linux to do this!
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Hey all:
I've been playing further with Ninjam on the Raspberry Pi and found the problem I've been having. The good news, is that not only does the curses-based client from the Ninjam site work, but the curses-based client from the archive from Github works as well.
For anyone else wanting to do this, the problem I found was in the compile error message itself, which suggested a line in the Makefile that included the flag -malign-double to read -falign-jumps.
When I changed rthat line, I still got warnings, but the compile was successful and this was the case in both clients.
The distribution I got it working on is an Arch-based one called F123, which is taylored for accessibility for those needing a screen reader.
I'm using a Behrenger UAC22 I believe it's called, and Ninjam works quite nicely with it. It came with my Behrenger Vamp3, which I am rather liking quite a bit as well. So we can happily mark this topic as solved.
Thanks once again you awesome developers of Ninjam.
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