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Default Building a track from parts in Reaper.

Is there a way to work in sections with Reaper.
It would be good to be able to create small sections and then have a way to quickly arrange these to try stuff out...so you could build up an entire track from bits.
Something like clips are in Reason.
Even if there was a way you could control the song 'stylus' (automate the song position) and make it jump around. Like a macro you could enter bar numbers in and it would move the stylus around to that program.
Is there anything like this that anyone knows of?
Or how do other people do this when they want to work like this?
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A few tips for people looking to do this.
1. Switch on 'Smooth Seeking' in the options menu.
This allows you to click (in the time bar at the top) on the start of a section you want to play after the current bar has finished.
This is proving useful for trying out how different sections sound together.

2. In the file menu is the 'new project tab'. This is proving useful for cutting and pasting bits in and out of. You could even build a whole new arrangement of the track in a new project tab and switch between it and the original tab to cut and paste bits where you want them.

3. If you were to be trying the idea in point 2 there is a useful command in the action list 'Select all items in current time selection'. Then you can just select and section and copy it out to paste to your other project window.

It would be good if there was some way of automating the playing stylus so that it could jump around your track allowing you to try out different arrangements. DOes anyone know of anything like this?
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