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Default those three "selection displays"

... maybe I'm thinking too much in Cubase terms, but I certainly don't get their deeper meaning.
I desperately want to like and use them, as I miss the locator displays in Cubase's transport so bad, just like the info line. One great feature of those is the mousewheel input, depending on mouse position you either change values by bars, beats or ticks - very convenient, especially when you often move / copy items around.
I learned that in Reaper time selection and loop locators might not be identical, fair enough, I can see the reasons for that.
I even grudgingly accept the minimal functionality of these displays, but:
1. why don't they follow the snap / grid rules (when using the MW) like when dragging the selection edges by mouse ?
2. What value governs their steps ? Afaics it's neither grid nor nudge, they are not even correct subdivisions of a bar, i.e. when you start out at 5.0.1, you'll never arrive at 6.01, 4.01 etc via wheel input, always a bit off.
3. bug, pilot error, super advanced alien technology ?
please help me understand !

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