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Question OSC connections Reaper to Unreal Engine?

I saw Ableton can do this - here is the tutorial

Following this I was able to get some type of "connection" (an error) between Reaper and Unreal:

When I hit play in Reaper - a message in the Output Log of Unreal starts to appear and roll every sec:

LogOSC: Warning: Failed to parse OSCBundle of invalid format. #bundle identifier not first item in packet.

When I stop playing Reaper - the message stops to roll too. So definitely a connection. But it didn't control the blueprint in Unreal as it suppose to.

I suspect if the message have something to do with Pattern config from OSC setup window in Reaper? Meaning I have to define that I want to send MIDI signals perhaps? (the Ableton guy make sure of this) Or it is something else?

Or perhaps something to do with Unreal? Is here someone who can even help with that?
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#bundle is a feature of the OSC transport layer. It can be used or ignored, but if used the format is well defined. Hence this seems to be some kind of bug and not a configuration issue.
Seemingly some developers have oproblems with #bundle. E.G. all Behringer devices seem not to be able to decode messages that use #bundle.
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