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Question "connection" problems running OSCII Bot and Obsidian Control Systhems Onyx

Hey guys, this is prob a little bit unusual.

I've set oscii-bot up to translate the incoming midi signal into osc so I can use my Behringer x-touch mini to control Onyx (lighting software).
Because Onyx doesn't allow the port I am using the Microsoft loopback adapter with an address of

For the most part, everything works fine but sometimes there is a weird lag or a connection problem. For around 30 secs no commands are received (but oscii bot sends them) and after that, every command made during those 30 secs are executed at once. It's like they are in some sort of buffer.

I've already verified that this is a problem with oscii bot. When I use a different translation software this problem doesn't exist.

this is my code: https://pastebin.com/QenjWwLR

if anyone has some ideas that would be great
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no one any ideas?
Because I don't have any
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The code example has some tight while loops with what looks like repeated oscsend() in them. Depending on the rate and number of outputs, these might not behave well against the way @midimsg and @oscmsg blocks get scheduled by OSCII-bot's single thread of execution.

Suggestion would be to write a debugging version that throttles or gradually increases or deliberately overloads under controlled conditions : the observed buffering behaviour may then become more evident, reproducable or understood.

The advice in this OSCII-bot thread may be helpful too https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=210270
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