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Default OSC update rate

Hey guys,

sorry if this is a re-post or not belonging here! Still I hope someone could help me out here.

For my head tracking device I need to send OSC messages to REAPER. It works actually pretty well, but nevertheless I would be interested in changing the trigger rate of OSC messages (if possible).
I'm unable (too silly) to find information about how often OSC messages are sent/received by REAPER?
Can I change the trigger rate or is this some thread-depending thing, because the audio thread may not be interrupted?

Is "Control surface display update frequency" the right thing to look for or is this only responsible for updating the graphics?

Thanks in advance!
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The headset will be entirely responsible for deciding how often it sends out a message -- although, for all I know, you might be able to configure that somehow. You'd need to check the headset documentation.

Once you think it's set correctly, you can then check whether Reaper seems to be receiving the messages as often as you'd expect in the usual place. That is, one step after Options->Preferences->Control/OSC/Web, where the update frequency is (I'm not sure what that's for). You need to go into a configured OSC control surface and click the "Listen" button. That should show every message received.
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