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Default Issues with MIDI in general (ports maybe?)

Hi everyone, this is my newbie thing: when I adjust the input into ALL MIDI Devices, there’s a hitting reverb which is sounding kind of like a tolling bell in the background and there's this red bar on the side of the volumeter track hitting high as well (attached gif below), while I can still play the keys on the keyboard and it sounds as the expected VSTi plug-in sound (the bell still sounds at the same time on the background), but after 1-2 minutes playing with the annoying hell’s bells on and on, both the background bell and the normal play decay stepwise down to silence. Then no matter what I play, what I readjust on the MIDI ports or different plugins, it won’t sound anymore, even though I check my Focusrite sound target and the monitor is still lighting every time I play, like it is receiving the sound, but it won’t output anymore. If I try to unplug the Keyboard and play with the virtual midi instrument, the result remains the same -nulliness-. Moreover, sometimes REAPER crashes in the middle of these crazy adjusting...

Sometimes when I find the specific MIDI port working on (usually Focusrite A.E Ltd Impulse-Impulse works) the background bell stops and the real sound remains, so it all fixes fine. But some other times it doesn’t behave the same when I do the same stuff over and over, hence I used the term “erratic” and I overused the term “sometimes". The only thing that works ALWAYS is the control HUI Automap from the Novation Impulse, which means that I can adjust some presets straight from the keyboard (recording, master volume, etc). But that doesn’t help much when the plugins and sounds collapse.

I don’t know whether the setup is behaving erratic, the plugins are behaving erratic or it’s me behaving erratic with them all. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Reaper, upgrading the version but It’s still the same stuff. In the beginning I got the illusion that the problem was my AU plugins, because VSTi usually worked well, but now it happens also with both plugin types, so I am clueless.
I need your help, guys. Thanks a lot in advance.

My setup is:

MacAir 13”2017 1.8GHz intel core 5, RAM 8GB 1600MHz DDR3, 128SSD (or flash storage, I can’t figure it out yet) with 32GB available yet.
MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
Reaper v.5.981
Focusrite 6i6 (2019)
Novation Impulse 49 (2019)

As for the usual crash, the problem report for reaper identifies the path as /applications/REAPER64.app/Contents/MacOS/Reaper, code type X686-64 (native).

(See the attached .img with the crash report pop-up)

Here the link to attachments:

Thanks again!

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