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Default "Check rewire host" HELP! need advice asap

Im getting paid to make a remix, in the middle of working on it halfway through the song. reason suddenly stops playing and when i try to reopen it says "Reason Engine Not Responding" "Check Rewire Host" please help i have a deadline and i cant afford time wise, or mentally to restart this song.
any advice is appreciated. if i cant resolve this issue im probably going to start looking for a new DAW. this is the second song i have lost for this reason. and its just unacceptable.
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Ok, calm down.

What version of Reaper are you using?
What version of Reason are you rewiring?

This is annoying, but IMO you can overcome it by 'killing' the reason.exe process and hit 'show panel' on the Rewire fx track.

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well im using reason 5 and the newest version of reaper, i just got it yesterday. im running mac btw i just switched over so im not too familiar with it yet. i have kinda givin up on it now im just importing stems from reason and bringing them into reaper. wich is kind of a hassle but oh well

if you have any idea how to fix it that would be great, but i have kinda accepted it now hah
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By latest Reaper, I assume you mean 3.76 and not the Reaper 4 beta. You're running Reaper with Reason as a slave. How have you got the routing setup? At what point is it stopping? What are you doing when it happens? What process are you using to record the stems? All the tracks going separately into Reaper? Soloing instruments and recording them one by one? Could be a number of things - each depending on your setup. I run Reason and Reaper all the time in OS X and have never had this issue. So, it's likely your setup.
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