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Default More MIDI mysteries

This thread urged me to do some test also, as I have felt strange timing problems with my MIDI keyboard and VSTIs.

I don't know if this is related but it is interesting nevertheless:

first I recorded some drumstick sample hits with shortcircuit sampler. I had click source on one track as a metronome. Little timing issues aside, when I was finished, I rendered that track (apply FX...) and put it to other track. Then I inverted that track's phase, but to my surprise they didn't cancel each other as they should have. So what I heard from original shortcircuit MIDI track wasn't the same as the rendered one.

This itself was worrying but then I rendered the whole song and another surprise! this time the end result was silence! As it originally should of course. Still this shows that what I hear during the playback doesn't match to rendered file.

Shouldn't that MIDI timing be sample accurate on the DAW?
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