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Default unofficial SWS builds with Justin's +dev0807 commits for testing

Until next SWS version gets out officially, I've made preliminary, unofficial SWS builds containing Justin's commits + all currently open pull requests on GitHub.
The purpose is mainly to be able to test Justin's updates for the 5.981+dev branch (see https://forum.cockos.com/showthread....96#post2166896) together with other important SWS fixes.
Note that it's indicated in the 'About SWS Extension' dialog that it's not an official build by adding +dev.. to avoid confusion with official SWS releases.

Win x64
Win x32

Linux users:
I can't build Linux binaries currently, sorry, but could be build from source from my branch:

Build instructions here:

Changes are listed here:

If you're testing, please post any regressions from current official SWS v2.10.0 #1 here.

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