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Default 'Unsaved changes' dot in close-window button

Sorry if this has been posted before. Thank you for Reaper, which is awesome, and particularly for the Mac version.

I know that Reaper-for-Mac is a port of a Windows app and will never be truly 'Maclike.' I would guess that things like non-standard dialogue boxes will never be a development priority, which is fair enough.

But there's one standard OSX feature that's missing from Reaper that does in fact hinder usability. In most OSX apps, when a document contains unsaved changes, a black dot appears in the red close-window button. When the user saves the document, the dot disappears until the next change is made. Like many Mac users, I've come to depend on this for barely-conscious clues as to the save-state of my document. When I use Reaper I'm constantly checking for the dot and having to remind myself that this function doesn't work in Reaper.

Maybe this is connected to the fact that Reaper doesn't have a 'close project' function: you can't keep the app open without having a project open, i.e. Reaper behaves like a Windows app even on Mac. Perhaps this is a decision to make the two versions behave identically, even when the platforms have different conventions.

Anyway, if it's implementable, a dot in the close-window button would be very helpful. Thanks again for all your work on Reaper.
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coming in the next build
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You rule!!
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