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Default Timing jitter / Stability

G'day folks,

trying out Reaper.

On Win10 64bit, on some intel quad core of a couple years ago with 8 GB RAM.
Whatever Reaper is doing, I have not seen higher CPU load in task manager than 10%, and RAM usage 20%.
The OS is on an SSD.
For now, my VST folder is on a mechanical hard drive.
I am currently using an Edirol/Roland UA-25EX audio interface via ASIO in Reaper.

A much *older* and weaker computer here is running SONAR 8.5 just fine, with a bucket of VST plugins loaded, and I'd be surprized if my *current* machine was somehow to weak for Reaper.

Yet, I only loaded 3 VSTs, 2 of which are actually being used: From vst4free, the 4...something bass (sampled/modelled electric bass), and the best rated acoustic drum kit from that site. (and saxophone, which is loaded but not in use yet)
Then I have 3 (active) audio tracks (and a few others on mute).
The metronome is active.

Now, when I want to record something, from once every few minutes to a couple times per minute, the metronome speed will seem unsteady. Also, sound playback can do that, which makes it rather hard to record something, as it's confusing.
It does not sound to me like audio buffer dropouts. (more like short pauses, how ever that's possible. I have done some audio programming, and I can't tell what this is)
Still, I tried different buffer sizes (via the Roland driver's setup program) - no perceptible change in outcome.

If I render a project to wav, the wav does not have glitches, other than me messing up due to confusion. Which tells me that the driver's buffering in recording direction works fine, there are no dropouts.

Is this a known thing on some systems, are there solutions?
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Try another audio driver to rule out driver problem...WASAPI or ASIO4all.
Confirm if you remove all plugins is playback stable?
Run LatencyMon and post the result and drivers tab sorted by highest execution.
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Stella means the latency checker at resplendence.com, not the old tried and true one, as it no longer works reliably post win7.
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Looks like the system has issues. Is a pretty fresh install, though, and no other issues before I was getting into audio recording again.
And now it's MS drivers which cause problems?
What now?


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No ideas?
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Ok, for anyone with similar issues:

It seems my Intel mainboard, which was made for windows 7, was just "too old" for Windows 10 (well, or rather the efforts of the driver makers were too half-assed), and the drivers provided via windows update were just not up to snuff.

It was just not bad enough to have a noticeable impact on other sytem usage, including playing games - although I play somewhat older games usually (e.g. STALKER 3 ran fine)

I just bought a gaming mainboard, not because I want to play newer games, but because I figured gamers would be particular about latency, too.
A ASUS TUF B450-Plus, with a Ryzen 5 - 2600 CPU, Kingston HyperX FURY Black Series RAM, and kept my not so brand spankin' new GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, installed all the drivers from the mainboard CD.
Then already LatencyMon was far better than before, no red marked stuff anymore, but I got 700µs from NVIDIA driver and similar from DX I think.

So far I installed the newest chipset drivers for the mainboard, and the newest NVIDIA drivers, and lowered it all somewhat again, so far the highest I saw was 322µs while running Reaper with the afore mentioned project.

Same UA-25EX audio interface, the audio part of which works.
But Reaper does not detect the MIDI part anymore, I wonder why that is...

Given that I did not have time to actually try out Reaper, on a functioning system, and I'll only really have time in 1..2 weeks:

Is it possible to extend the demo time for Reaper, so I'll actually have a couple weekends to get acquainted with it?
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