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Default "Mouse click on volume/pan faders change track selection" problem when bypassing FX

The "Shift+click" action for bypassing FX in the MCP selects all tracks between the track you are bypassing this effect and the last track selected before (if you had any), when the "Mouse click on volume/pan faders and track buttons changes track selection" option is enabled.

Probably would be better to deactivate this behaviour for the FX slots, and keep it just for faders and pan, because of the "Shift+Click" combination (I think is a very common way of bypassing/unbypassing FX if you are working on the mixer).

Same thing happens with the "Ctrl+Shift+Click - Solo" combination for the "Solo defeat" action, despite I found that less concerning, as I rarely use that command in this way (don't know if could be annoying for other users)
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Human being with feelings
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Well, seems I'm alone on this! Maybe it's not an issue for most users. However, I really need to talk about this, because it's one of these little things that you can live with, but never get used to
I'm aware you can deactivate this option (I have indeed), but seems logical to me to focus/select a track when you touch/move the fader and pan. Sometimes I have to think hard about making this double move (set the fader level and click outside to select the track).

I can imagine some possible solutions here:

-Exclude from the option all the buttons you can use with a modifier: sends and FX slots, solo... (I just noticed that pan has also a ctrl+ modifier for precise adjustement, maybe there are more and I didn't notice)

-exclude the "modifier behavior" for selection when clicking on any buttons with this redundant modifiers, and keep it just for the button and not the selection (does it make sense?).

-Keep the option just for faders (perhaps the easiest one)

-Get used to it and move on (I've tried, but not there yet )
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