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Default render underlying media?

Is there a mechanism in Reaper, something akin to "render", that operates on the entire underlying media file rather than just the portion of the item/take that is visible on the track (i.e. edited and faded)?

Here is a little context to explain what I am asking for:

I do a lot of post production video work. The audio often comes in OMF format which I convert to a reaper project using AATranslator. The underlying media files have two extremely annoying characteristics:

1. The underlying media files are often in aiff format and do not contain any timestamp information like BWFs.

2. Underlying stereo files are broken into separate mono files.

For various workflow reasons, I would prefer all of the underlying media to be BWF files timestamped to their proper location (so I can fly them in and out of Reaper and other programs, then easily put them back at the right place in the Reaper timeline with Ctrl-Shift-P).

I would prefer that the separate mono files be interleaved stereo (I've tried leaving them separate and looking at them using various panned track folder schemes, implode to takes, grouping, etc. Unless I'm missing something, all of these are just a little more clunky or cluttered than when the stereo information is already interleaved into a single underlying media file).

I could convert the underlying files with an external audio file utility, BUT... Reaper wouldn't know anything about the new files and I'd have to re-place them all one-by-one on the Reaper timeline.

I could use glue to combine the two panned clips into a stereo file or render to timestamp and convert the underlying files to BWF, BUT... render and glue both respect the existing fades and slip-edits, not the underlying media file.

The clips come in slip-edited with extra handles at the beginning and end and fades, etc. As I edit, I need two pieces of information. I need to keep all the original edits/fades so I know where the picture editor and director chose to place things, but I need to keep all the audio outside the edits and fades as well because I will use that to do "better" fades and cleanup.

So... Unless I'm missing some cool feature, if I use "render" or "glue", my workflow looks like this:

1. Copy the L/R clips to a new track so I don't lose the old edit/fade info.
2. Extend all slip edits to the begininng and end of the media file.
3. Remove all fades
4. Pan each clip correctly
5. render or glue.
6. re-edit beginnings and ends.
7. re-fade.
8. cleanup/remove old clips

As you can imagine, steps 2,3,6,7 are extremely time-consuming and noodly when you have hundreds of audio clips in a film, many in stereo.

Is there presently any way to make this happen in Reaper with a workflow shorter than what I listed above? I don't mind using extensions or external programs for part of the task as long as they are not too expensive.

If not, should I make feature request for some sort of "underlying media conversion" feature to handle file-level renders/conversions like aiff->timestamped BWF and mono-> stereo combination?

Again, I could convert outside of (separately from) Reaper, but I believe that all the timeline specific info is in the Reaper file, not the underlying media files. And (re)placing material on the timeline (material that's already been placed once by someone else) is the most time-consuming, tedious part of audio post in film.


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I know this is ungodly old, but it still asks what I want to ask and I never did hear any response from anyone, so I thought I'd bump it just to see if there are any new thoughts on this.

This issue is still relevant for post production audio. Reaper is sooooooo close to being an excellent Digital 'Audio' Workstation, rather than just an excellent Digital 'Music' Workstation. I would love to see just a little more attention for us sound-for-picture types who use Reaper.

Doug Gallob - Composer/Audio Engineer
Aural Hygiene - "Dangerous Music for Dangerous Movies"
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