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Luke Warm
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Default HALLLP!!! trying to set up Presonus Faderport

Can anyone kindly tell me how to figure this out?

I am trying to connect 2020 Mac Book Pro with Reaper installed to a Presonus fader port.

All I want the faderport to do is work. Is that asking too much?

In all seriousness any help would be greatly appreciated

This would be the Faderport classic. And I am using Reaper v6.14/64 rev 985751. I have found the following thread, but I can't tell what actions I am to take and what this thing that looks like code is: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=170036

Could anybody advise?

I have downloaded and put into the proper resource path the files specified by user "karbomusic". However, I'm not getting anything to work after that point even after restarting Reaper and following all instructions.

IS there an easier way?

Now I have succeeded in enabling the inputs and outputs to the Faderport, and I have restarted Reaper. Still doesn't work but says it is enabled. Any ideas? Hardware problem? I notice that the person I bought the faderport from sold me a power supply for it that is correct, except minus 800mA. That couldn't be the problem, could it? There is power going to the Faderport because the OFF light lights up.

At this point I would pay for a tutorial for someone who knows how to help me with this. I have a web video platform we could use for that.

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Have you tried all this?


Good luck
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