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Default FAO: White Tie - V6 HiDPI Theme Q

Hi WT,

Apologies for the direct shout out, I cannot send you a PM via the forum. A quick question if you don't mind, as I'm way out of my league with respect to WALTER/macros/HiDPI/V6 themes.

Is this possible? The theme is based off your Default V6. Bar a few minor tweaks, it's purely graphical.

My attempts have been abject failures :¬)

1) The mcp.extmixbg image itself , resulting in this:

2) RTConfig mcp.extmixer.position (firstly, I have no idea what the structure is bar the first X, Y and width elements and secondly it breaks the theme adjuster).

3) Various (hit and hope) attempts of combining (1) with inner margins to 'push' the first FX list element downwards as to reveal the coloured line behind it.

Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope

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