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Default 4th to 3rd order downmix

Forgive me if I've overlooked something..
I have a 4th order 25 channel Eigenmike recording. The goal is to use this in a Unity game using Google's Resonance SDK, which supports up to 3rd order/16 channels (ACN/SN3D). How can I get there? could one simply use EigenUnit-em32-Encoder by mh acoustics? could IEM's plugin suite do a downmix like this? ambiX didn't have anything for 4th order.. Brutal shot in the dark: Chop off channel 17 to 25 without applying any processing..
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Yes, there is no "downmixing" needed in ambisonics, just remove the unwanted channels corresponding to the orders you don't need.
Of course, you also loose the little precision they gave...
The more important is to choose the best decoding parameters such as the Weight. AllRAD is actually a good compromise.
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