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Default Special mouse modifier for two selected tracks' pan

It's even more a suggestion than a request.
It would be cool if there would be a mouse modifier/hotkey which would change pan mirroring it from one of two selected tracks into second.

Explanation: there is two tracks, which you need to pan equaly to left and to right. Like backing vocal or double-track guitar. If you select this two tracks, press some hotkey and LMB-drag on a pan knob you change pan equaly, but mirroring on both tracks. Let's say if you set pan on Track1 to L12 it's simultaneously set R12 on Track2.

It's crazy feature I guess, but AFAIK nobody has it yet!
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If I understand correctly, couldn't you use track grouping to do that? You'd probably just enable Reverse Pan ?

REAPER 5 Explained - 12. Track Grouping
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