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Default Looper control - Mobius

I am experimenting with ways to perform live looping using Reaper. There are the hardware loopers that do it all through a foot controller, you then plug the analogue output into one of the audio channels that Reaper records; then there are the software based loopers implemented as a VSTi which can react to various midi keyboard presses or foot pedals to activate the looper.

At the moment I only have a midi keyboard with a sustain pedal. Hardware loopers or midi pedals may come later, trying to experiment to see what works best for me.

My end target is a bit vague as I am new to this. Have midi keyboard with sustain pedal, Reaper, and some analogue device instruments (will enter reaper via audio channel). Want to be able to loop any one of these devices, live for improvisations and practice sessions.

See that Cockos have their own software Looper, the Super8, ok but only can initiate the recording via pressing a midi key, but my hands will be busy holding and playing the analogue instrument, so really need it to be triggered by a foot pedal. Thought the sustain pedal could do that. Could not see a controller to midi key transform tool.

Have seen in some Reaper forums that Mobius is one way to do software based looping, so I give vers 2.5 a go on my Mac OX 10.12.5 (Sierra). Stand-alone fires up and looks OK, but when run from Reaper as a FX, the graphics are all messed up, making it unusable.

Any one experience the same problem and have a fix?

Alternative methods? Eventually will aim to get some basic on/off foot controllers and foot controlled pads to be able to send midi messages out, rout to reaper, and also perhaps from Reaper transform the message suitable for my POD6 hardware (sorry did not buy the Line6 Foot Controller only the Amp) to set it's effects and control like the Wah Wah. But thought keep it simple at first.

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