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Default Waves v9,10,11 VST3 Automation

Reaper 5 and 6 x64 Windows 7 - 10 x64

Waves v9 to v11 VST 3 versions of Waves plugins, tested up to todays version of Waves.

Any communication from Reaper to the plugins via midi-learned controls or envelopes does not work when TRANSPORT is in STOP mode.

This does not affect non-Waves plugins that I've tested, such as Klanghelm offerings such as the DC1A3.
  • Create a track
  • Instantiate any VST3(!) plugin by Waves such as Renaissance Compressor (Rcomp)
  • Make sure adding envelopes in writing modes in prefs/automation is on.
  • Put the track in to Latch or Latch Preview mode
  • Open the plugin GUI
  • Move one control, which is all it takes to illustrate this. An envelope should pop up.
  • Make a significant change and write that to the envelope with the "Automation: Write current values for actively-writing envelopes to time selection" command.
  • Change automation mode to READ
  • Relocate the play cursor so different values are read for that parameter you changed. Don't hit play. Just relocate the playhead.
  • The GUI should show no changes, on any Waves VST3 plugin you try.
Other effects
If you show the parameter as an on-track-panel control, the midi-learn and envelopes do change the parameter THERE, but not in the plugin itself if transport stop mode. No changes are reflected there.
Conclusions ?
Reaper is supposed to update all parameters on playhead relocation.

VST2+Waves with simple playhead relocation work fine.

All VST3 plugins that I've tried are fine, except those by Waves. VST3 + Waves playhead relocation does not work.

If this is a systemic problem on Waves' side, I'd rather you tell them than some unknown schmuck like me. They officially support VST3 in Reaper for their plugins. I do kinda hope it's a Reaper bug, as that'll get fixed much quicker .
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this looks like a REAPER-vst3 issue in general, or at least a very similar thing occurs with AI

refer to https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=230200
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