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Default Problem in understanding the routing matrix

Hi there,

used to use analog mixing consoles I started with reaper now. My experience so far is that reaper is a great DAW.

I learnt analog mixers by studying block diagrams.

In reaper I am confused by the matrix. No idea what the ins and outs are.

My environment: a laptop, a Behringer UCA202 (USB-Device) as the interface between laptop and further analog equipment (mixer, amps etc.)

The ins in the matrix should be the input channels (left and right) coming from the USB-interface. The outs should be also the interface. Am I right?

And a stupid question: following the above routing: is the internal sound card used any longer? Or replaced by the USB-interface?

A block diagram might be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Yep, that's right.
Inputs and outputs are those which you enabled in Preferences -> Audio -> Device. Listed as left, right, stereo pair, multichannel (at least I think the latter come up if your device has more than 2 I/Os. Mine, like yours, hasn't so I'm not sure there). Plus the Rearoute in and outputs if you have them installed (you have, otherwise they wouldn't be listed in your picture )

So, if you enable the USB interface as your audio device in the prefs this is what will come up in several places in Reaper
- the routing matrix,
- track audio input selection (the same as the inputs in the routing matrix)
- audio hardware output sends in track (and master) I/O windows (the same as the outputs in the routing matrix)

Hope that helps

I can't resist to plug my main Routing Matrix niggle: MIDI in/outs are not reflected in the routing matrix - which makes the matrix represent only half of my routing. Would be quite cool if I could use the matrix to set up my projects, but I can't .
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