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Default mastering with reaper

Hi guys,

Just new to this forum, but i've been reading a lot during the day and i've got a question about mastering.

I've got some rough files (drums, guitars, bass and vocals) and some files with everything together. Now i want to get rid of that clean sound and want a more cd-like sound. I've already used plugins like Gclip and W1 Limiter. It's giving me a pretty good and somewhat harder sound, but i want to add some reverb and delay.

What plugins do you guys use? And how do you configure it? I also read the reaper manual, but i can't really find the things i need.
How do you guys get the studio-sound?

Much thanks for the help!

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Mastering is just getting the levels right and maybe some stereo width. You want that studio sound, record it with that studio sound. Should sound dead on before it even gets to the mastering stage. You said "rough files". Well, you can't turn rough stuff into studio sounding. Record studio stuff in the first place.

Most of that "studio sound" is real ambience, just a touch on each instrument. You'd be surprised HOW CLOSE the final products of these songs are to the blank freshly recorded tracks. Mixing is pretty much getting rid of bad stuff...and bringing the levels up.

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