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Post Best Control Surface for Re-recorder mixing 5.1 linear cinematic content


I would like to get some feedback on what would be the best control surface to purchase with the intention of mixing linear cinematic trailers in 5.1 using Reaper. Something like what the Avid S3 does for Pro Tools. I do have avid controllers but was not successful hooking them up with Geoff Waddingtong's control surface integration project. Thus, I'm looking into other options.

Things I'm looking for:

- transport controls
- flying faders and knobs
- robust design
- 8 or 16 faders
- mutes, solos, fader selects
- sends control with flip to fader option
- bank/page scrolling
- track display window and VU meters
- compatibility writing all automation types

Is this asking too much for what embedded compatibility Reaper offers?

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Eucon is no good for you ? Geoff wrote that a while ago and he uses it for several Avid surfaces himself. Should be easy to find on stash.reaper.fm. .

Here’s my setup, which takes a bit of setting up.

Faders , Faderport 16 in MCU(Logic) mode using Reaper MCU and MCU XT drivers.

5.1 pan, Lemur app on an iPad with a custom controll setup to run the Tiigge Surround panner. Reasurround might work too but I have not had fun with it.

Plugin control, usually per-track midi-learn as default maps for plugins. Sometimes custom maps if I run two identical plugins such as pre- and post-comp eqs.
Hardware used are two midi fighter twisters all setup to be relative 3f/41 endless knobs. Those knobs are excellent. I switch banks with a bunch of buttons on an X-Touch mini via scripts I wrote(all on the forum). I’ve also got a page to run send levels (both relative and absolute) and send mutes as well.

Send mutes and levels are also run via an OSC page on my Lemur setup. That’s often faster than changing pages on my knob banks.

Automation modes can be kept everywhere. I have them on the keyboard, the Insert/Delete/Home/End/PageUp/PageDown block. They get selected tracks, ALT+key for all tracks. Automation writes are done via CTRL+CursorDown and others. I’ve never been this fast with Protools or a D-Command/Control, never mind a Procontrol. The Eucon app Pro Tools Control is neat, but you can attach commands to everything under the sun with Reaper so I felt that was more of a limitation to be Eucon only.
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