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Default A few shortcut keys/settings I changed

Everyone is different, but here's the stuff I have setup shortcut keys for up to now as a complete beginner using Reaper. None of these altered shortcuts wipe out any key combinations that already exist:

"Track Recording Settings" (Ctrl+Q).
This is where you can set the track to automatically use Quantize as you record. Previously there was no keyboard shortcut for this. The default action for Ctrl+Q was "Quit REAPER" but Alt+F4 already does the same thing.

"Glue Items" (G).
Previously, "Glue items" was "Ctrl+Shift+G" and "Group items" was "G". I don't know what grouping items is and never do it, but I always use glue to join split parts, so these have been swapped around so "Ctrl+Shift+G = Group items" and "G = Glue items".

"Insert 4 envelope points at time selection" (Shift+P).
Previously there was no shortcut key for this action and nothing was assigned to the keys it now uses.

"Track: Set to random colors" (Ctrl+Alt+C).
With a track (or tracks) highlighted, this instantly changes the track colour and, if you don't like the color, you can just keep holding Ctrl+Alt and pressing C. Saves right clicking. No shortcut existed previously on this key combo.

Other settings:

- A preset was set as default in the sampler "VSTi: ReaSamplOmatic5000 (Cockos)" so by default, "Min vol" is set to zero (-inf) and "Max voices" is set to 16 (the highest setting). These are settings that I personally always change in the sampler, every time I load a sample in. "Min vol" being on zero means the note velocity can be set on samples in the sequencer. "Max voices" gives it a 16 note polyphony on the sample, as opposed to the default 4 note polyphony.

- Enabled "Prevent mouse edits of single envelope points from moving past other envelope points" under Preferences > Editing Behavior > Envelope Display.
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Good job. When you get about 200 shortcuts assigned like I do it becomes easier to have a few toolbars at the top of the screen and have buttons assigned to the shortcuts so you don't have to remember the less commonly used ones. Hope that help and enjoy the ride.
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