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Default Press play, freezes, then no audio.

There's one project I have that when I press play, it plays for a micro second, stops, loads, then gives up. Then when I press play again, it plays but I don't hear anything. Visually everything looks normal as I play but I'm not hearing anything. The meter is running the faders are going but no audio. Again its only this one project it's doing this in. I'm thinking there's too much Big Cat Sonita Orchestra plug- ins going on. I have 6 tracks of Sonita so maybe that the VST can't handle that much? Or maybe I have all my VST in the Reaper > Plugin > FX file. I tried to put third party VST in a separate folder but I couldn't get it working.
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Try opening the project with FX offline then bring plugins back online one at a time until you have a problem again. Keep an eye on your CPU and RAM usage as you do it, that could be a problem as well.

When you make a folder for you 3rd party plugins, hit CTL+P then go to VST and put in the location of that folder.
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