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Default Binding OSC messages with numeric variables to Reaper actions using the action list?

Hey all,

I've written a python script to map input from a secondary mouse and keyboard to OSC which I'm then binding to reaper actions.

Using the "Allow Binding of messages to Reaper actions and FX learn" feature I'm able to bind momentary messages (like a keypress) to reaper actions easily, but whenever I try to bind something with an associated integer value (like a rotary slider) to something like scroll or zoom it seems only to register a null value that resets the slider.

I can bind these functions fine using a .ReaperOSC file, but it's a lot more convenient to use the action list if possible.

Is there any special step I'm missing in order to make this work?

My message format looks like this: "/kmouse/8 [i] -1" and does the job fine when r/kmouse/8 is bound to a scroll function in my .ReaperOSC file.
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