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Default Duplicated track retains cutoff channel although it was deleted?

EDIT: Sorry guys, it seems to be a problem with Mutine, not Reaper!

I have since created a new track, set the FX up, done a dummy recording to put something (anything) on the track, dragged that to the desired length, deleted the notes, copied the notes from the original track... and Mutine is still forcing itself to be set at a certain cutoff level. Annoying - because none of the other dials or switches on it are doing that, only the "cutoff" ones I want to use, sigh! I can go into "Wrt" mode on the track in Reaper and make channels for the two cutoff dials... you'd think then it would probably be OK, but setting those up and putting points along them doesn't work either, the (faulty) VST plugin is still forcing the cutoff to be at a certain level, no matter what. Time to find a different cutoff plugin...

I initially thought this was happening because I had duplicated the track and it was duplicating the cutoff channel effect even though I had deleted that from my new (duplicated) track, but it's not Reaper's fault, it's Mutine.

Here's what I posted anyway for anyone else thinking they are going mad using the Mutine cutoff VST...


I had a track with 2 channels under it, volume and cutoff.

I duplicated the track.

Even though I removed the cutoff channel from the duplicated version, if I load a VST effect - I tested it on Mutine - the cutoff dial on Mutine can't be changed, it keeps forcing itself to be at a certain level, as if there is a cutoff channel keeping it set, even though the cutoff channel was deleted and the original cutoff on the original track was in Avenger (making it a completely different dial) anyway.

Since I can't delete a channel that's already been deleted, how can I fix this?

Is this just normal and it's because the track was duplicated, it stays duplicated no matter what?

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