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Default Reatune Additional Output


First post here, and already whining! ;-) (but willing to help improve the situation!)

I am not perfectly happy with Reatune for a couple reasons:

#1- I often work on live stuff, which means that detection is sometimes pretty hard as there is a lot of bleed from other instruments and drums (think about autotuning the drummer's back vocals: a nightmare before or after Christmas!)

#2- When I want to move tracks around (shorten between songs, readjust to tempo the worst parts as musicians didn't play with a metronome, etc.) Reatune's manual corrections won't follow. Same for copying for example a chorus' sentence in another one.

For problem #1, if Reatune had a midi output (mod wheel) that is by how much Reatune thinks the tuning is off, I could feed that to a midi track and use that track to modulate to ReaPitch, to either let the corrections "as is", or manually correct the bad data where needed, or letting the corrections off where it artistically makes sense.

For problem #2, if I was able to interpret that data I could create a small script or utility to shift all manual corrections from selected time range by time "x" and/or to copy them to a different time.

I looked at what Reatune gives in the .rpp project but don't know how to interpret the data. Example:

<VST "VST: ReaTune (Cockos)" reatune.dll 0 "" 1919251566<5653547265746E72656174756E650000> ""
FLOATPOS 0 0 0 0
FXID {5D084E2D-E439-4F87-84BD-A14192B77AB6}
WAK 0 0
which has 2 corrections, vs

<VST "VST: ReaTune (Cockos)" reatune.dll 0 "" 1919251566<5653547265746E72656174756E650000> ""
FLOATPOS 0 0 0 0
FXID {5D084E2D-E439-4F87-84BD-A14192B77AB6}
WAK 0 0

Which has none and manual correction isn't enabled. I see it did add data, but... I can spend hours to reverse engineer this, but getting some help would be great!


Phil Ranger

PS: I promise I'll share results once it works!
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