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Default Super8Looper Tips & Tricks

Hi there,
I really enjoy working with that powerfull jsfx but i've found it is not really that easy to understand, so here is the thread I would have loved to encounter when I first started using it.
I'll try to cover some bases I struggled to get, and then go to more in depth use. All using licecaps, hoping it's easy enough to get...
Please feel free to shime in if you can add other usefull intels!

First, let's be clear about some Super8 limitations :
-It does not loop midi, but you can still loop the audio output of your vsti
-It can record only limited time loops ( 83 seconds in my setup...)
-The UI of the Super8 must be displayed for some fonctions to work properly (the add to project fonction namely does require it)

Now let's go :

You can right click to change monitoring modes

You can right drag the controls in the grey boxes, the numbers are midi notes numbers

If you need to loop a Stereo channel, just set rec and play from two channels to the same midi notes and now you're looping stereo...

Embeded UI in TCP does looks nice and feels practical. (By the way, It does resolve the import to session bug too )

The next one is just amazingly powerfull, take your time to imagine the workflow it permits. You can trigger Super8 with notes in a midi item directly from the JSFX track.

There's no Undo fonctions for overdubs , here is a workaround : Don't overdub, you can route the same audio input to several Super8 channels instead.

So now maybe, you're running out of channels, don't worry you can Sync several Super8 instances together either using one of the channel to do so like that :

Or you can sync them to the project's grid using Gianni's input quantize JSFX

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