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Default segmentation fault when I creat a second channel in linux curses client.

Hey there fellow Ninjamers!
I've a problem I've been fighting with for a while now, hoping I'd figure out how to solve it, and it goes like this...
When I start the curses client, which is the old one, not the one from the git repo which requires JACK to be present, well, it starts up just fine, and since I use a stereo device I create a second channel in addition to the default one that's already there.
Then, I pan them one over to the left, and one to the right, so now I got me a nice stereo field.
After panning whomever else is on wit me to where I want them, I can play and everything goes along nicely, right up until I quit the program, which seems to also go just fine with no errors or anything.
Now, when I log back in I get a segmentation fault, and the only thing I can do is to delete the ninjam.config file and start all over again.
I do this as my normal user, but have also tried it as root with the same problem.
If I don't creat that second channel though, I'm able to log in repeatedly with no problem at all.
It all seems to revolve around what happens after exiting and the ninjam.config file being created.
I'm using Slackware Current on a Raspberry Pi 3B Plus, with a UCA22 I believe it is, it's a usb audio adaptor that came with my Behrenger Vamp3.
I've tried this same setup with Raspbian, on another Raspberry Pi 3B Plus and everything works fine.
Any suggestions will be most welcome.
Happy jamming all!
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