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Default In/Out Regions. Spent time with Manual. STILL confused...

Hello all,

Thank you for the helpful replies to my first post a few weeks ago. Today I imported some audio recorded on the AKAI DPS24, just to get my feet wet with editing on Reaper...

Things were going well. I was splicing some takes together and experimenting with crossfades. Getting the basic hang of it. But I'm still utterly confused about selecting a region with my mouse.

I go to a specific time, say: 3:24, and double click the mouse to select that time. Then I can hit the shift key on the keyboard to begin highlighting a region, but sometimes that highlight marks the end of a region and sometimes it marks the beginning of the region and I don't know why.

I've searched the forums and consulted the manual time and time again. I know this must be a very simple procedure but I'm entirely new to this...

All I am trying to accomplish is to select a specific area of audio to then copy, using the "Copy Selected Area of Items" option. Because I don't want to copy an entire track. Say there's 30 minutes of various takes. All I'm trying to do is isolate one verse, copy that verse, then paste it into a new track, before moving onto the next verse, bridge, etc. But have just started and am still missing something...

Thank you for whatever help you may have to offer,

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Human being with feelings
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okay so I just figured it out. no idea why I was holding down the shift key. that's what was throwing me for a loop.
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