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Default Sample Rate change 44.1 to 48 while working


i use the Motu 424 PCIe card with 2408MK3, 24IO and HD192 plus i use the Midi Express 128 and the Micro Express for Midi. I had a lot of problems with the Mid Express 128 but after changing the USB ports for Micro and Midi Express it works fine.
Before i solved the midi problem i had some issues with sample rate changes in reaper. Mainly when i use the internet explorer with Audio (youtube etc) or any other application with Audio. I work with 44.1 and sometimes i get back to reaper and it changes to 48. After this happens i go to the ASIO settings in MOTU PCI Audio Console and change to 44.1. Then i get a Message that Midi out 6 of Midi Express is not available and mostly it crashes my PC completely.
Before this happened very often the last weeks (to be honest after my midi problem is solved) it was not that often but while a track or music was playing. So the music i listened to was pitched down after the change.

I'm really confused what the reason could be.

Is there anything in Windows i need to change?
I work with Windows 10pro 64 bit.
It confuses
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