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Default v5.980rc1 - July 9 2019

v5.980rc1 - July 9 2019
  • + ARA: handle ARA state load failing without interfering with extension state loading [p=2151344]
  • + Arrange: avoid excessive redraws during some mouse edits
  • + Buffering: improve low-latency behavior by avoiding destroying buffers from audio threads
  • + Color Theme Tweaker: optimized theme writing
  • + Envelopes: don't preserve relative differences between points when editing via action [t=222016]
  • + Envelopes: fix time selection edits that start at the beginning of a media item [p=2154450]
  • + Jump to time: add support for jumping to relative time in earliest selected media item
  • + Live FX multiprocessing: fix performance issue with media buffering and folder tracks
  • + Localization: improve alignment of various auto-resized controls when arranged in columns [p=2146661]
  • + MIDI editor: handle converting multiple events between 2-byte and 3-byte messages [p=2154933]
  • + MIDI editor: support copy/pasting events between CC lanes and channel pressure lane [p=2154852]
  • + MIDI: support linking program change messages on all channels sequentially to FX preset changes
  • + Main ruler: in frame mode, display one tick mark per frame when possible
  • + Media items: add optional per-item ruler display
  • + Media items: better handling of empty take lanes and "media item lower half" mouse modifier [p=1683360]
  • + Media items: optionally display per-item ruler in item time or media source time
  • + Mouse modifiers: fix preference to ignore targeting media item lower half [t=222080]
  • + Notation editor: fix chasing key signature changes when displaying multiple tracks [t=222703]
  • + Notation editor: properly chase clef changes when media items overlap [t=219859]
  • + Peaks: fix bug in waveform drawing with some themes and settings (5.979 regression) [t=222229]
  • + Playback: improve audio device performance when pausing
  • + ReaScript IDE: simplify display of line numbers in error messages [t=222740]
  • + ReaScript: improve Python compatibility with unicode strings
  • + Render: add option to render selected tracks via master
  • + Render: improve use of $item wildcard when rendering project regions (support $item when rendering master mix, prefer best-matching or selected items, ignore tail length when matching)
  • + Render: support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master
  • + Render: when rendering selected tracks or media items via master, also render children and receives [p=2151904]
  • + Toolbars: improve automatic toolbar button names for various Set: actions
  • + VST3: improve support for MIDI program change messages
  • + VST3: limit built-in program dropdown display to 512 items (for VEP)
  • + VST3: limit dropdown to 512 presets of each type
  • + WDL: stable sort for WDL_AssocArray
  • + macOS: fix system Services menu [p=2150593]
  • + macOS: use standard Window/Help menu ordering
  • # Crossfade editor: fix UI glitches with language packs [p=2146661]
  • # LiveFX: fix hang from previous build [p=2155510]
  • # Media items: optionally display item ruler in H:M:S:F format (disallowed in drop frame mode)
  • # Ruler: in frame mode, display one tick mark per frame when possible
  • # macOS: fix non-functional context menu submenus
  • # macOS: fix pre-10.10 support (oops)
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

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