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Default REAPRISE / Theme WIP

Hello, all! Over the past year I have had 4 ideas for themes,
(one of which was not an idea, but a transmutation of another theme),
and I did not like the response on any of my threads for these ideas.
It just seemed like there was not enough interest to keep working.
In the case of my favorite of the themes, 'Quantum', I was getting feedback
like 'Too hard on the eyes', 'Too busy', etc., So I gave up working on
all of these themes and trashed them along with the already finished 4 themes
that are now old and defunct and too outdated to ever upload for fear of shame,
lol. However, I recently got in a theming mood and started working on a new theme,
and I have too much done to quit. I want to work on it while there is ongoing feedback
and FR's in the thread, so I can tailor it to the needs of the many. I will take FR's
that are not super involved, unless it is something that the theme just cannot do
without, then I will try to execute it no matter the difficulty or time consumption.
I have noticed a trend within the last 2-3 years for themes to be primarily 'flat'.
I absolutely love the work that has been done in this regard, and am thinking of adding
'flat' layouts to this theme, but right now, they are but a fleeting thought.
(Maybe when I am closer to finalizing things.)

Having said that, I want to say that the feel of this theme
is admittedly 'throwback'....and since I feel I am releasing
a throwback theme, and since we are within the realm of music,
I thought it clever to call the theme:
'REAPRISE'. The theme uses the 'Rea' prefix for REAPER that so many
themes used to adorn in the hayday of v3 and v4 theming.

I have created (or started to create), a theme that is simple, largely dark.
It is a medium-sized theme and should be viewable on smaller monitors,
Large monitors and TV's (1080p), I am creating @ 1920x1080 on a 32" screen
with another 23" screen running @ 1600x1200 and am forcing things to respond
well to resolutions well below the latter. I do not have 4k functionality.
In the layout menu I will list the screen resolution requirement of each
layout where it may apply. I also plan on having actual global layouts in this theme.

Please tell me what you think and help guide me to make this a theme I can
be proud of, and one that people will actually use from time to time.
Give me advice, examples, criticism, FR's, etc.
I will not get upset at criticism or dislikes, and I will not ignore
suggestions or FR's. Thank you all in advance for everything and I look
forward to working with you in the near future. I will take request for
advance builds for BT purposes when the theme is a bit closer to not being
an eyesore as a whole. The TCP is not started at all.
Here is the work I have done so far:

Full screen transport, full screen mixer, no icons

Left anchored, scaleable transport, full screen mixer, with icons

Floating compact transport, full screen mixer, icons, unfinished medium sized ch. strip, alternate 'iris-style' fxparm knobs, alternate fader caps

All screencaps feature current default mcp layout, tracking layout,
VCA layout, VCA w/ fader layout.
All recording related buttons on the default layout except for 'recarm'
itself are hidden until 'recarm' is clicked. (Cleanliness).
I am using frameshift on the name backgrounds (5 Panel), for normal,
parent, child, last, record.
There are two instances of fxparm knobs, the 'horizontal-bar' type,
and the contracting-expanding 'iris' style box. There is no actual knob
for send boxes yet just the two-part meter. There are a few other doo-dads
here and there, I would like your input for all facets of this product.
I will post updates with fixes, changes, and new layouts asap and wont
disappear. This theme will be finished and posted, so your input will
not be given in vein.

Thank yous all-around!

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