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Default Recorded on a Raspberry Pi

I posted this over in the Linux forum, but thought some of the folks over here might have an interest as well. Anyway, I've been dabbling with my Raspberry Pi with REAPER and just bought an Oxygen Pro Mini midi keyboard to use with it.

The drums are the SM_Drums samples being played on the mini keyboard pads with damper pedal kick. The Hammond organ plugin has eight faders (two banks of four) that I ride throughout the recording, plus there is sampled grand piano, sampled tenor sax, with real 5-string bass and real guitar. All recorded on my Raspberry Pi with a Behringer UCA202 audio interface running 48k@128 samples latency.

The song is titled "Oxygen" at:


You can see how tiny this 32 note keyboard is, but it is easy to play once you adjust to it.

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