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Default Drum gate plugin idea - Need help combining JS plugins


A little while now I've been using a drum gating trick i picked up from a live mix stream by Nail The Mix. It's basically duplicating your close miced drum track, flipping the polarity on the duplicate, compressing it to the point where the drum hits and the bleed is at the same level, pit on a high pass filter, and then combine the two tracks. The result is a track where all the high end bleed is phase cancelled out.

This works well but I think it looks pretty messy in my mixer window with the duplicates for every track you want to gate. Sorted it by making a chain where i use the band splitter to split the track to 4 channels, process channel 3 and 4 and join it back together. Looks a bit better, but now i've got 5 js plugins on every gated track. Looks pretty messy as well.

What I want is a plugin that does all this internally with options for adjusting compressor ratio and release, and filter HP frequency. Compressor attack would be fixed to as fast as possible.

Does this make sense and would anyone like to help me out? Would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a screenshot of my chain for reference and the FX chain file.
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Working on it. I have a prototype, but it doesn't seem like it's working correctly to me, it isn't cancelling out the highs like you've described that it should - maybe the oversampling is messing with it, I dunno. PM me and let's see if we can hash it out.
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This concept doesn't make any sense as described...i don't think it will work .
It may do "something", but not what you think/expect.
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So I might have made it a little too complicated, but here is my stab at it. Proof of concept vs optimized. Not obviously buggy, but don't rule anything out ha ha. Has options. High-pass selectable between biquad and single-pole, for example, because why not. Is hardcoded at 4x oversampling because I could.

Not even sure if it does what it's supposed to do because I don't have a kick with high-end bleed to test it out on. Does make a normal track sound a little fatter, maybe? Note that default is 0 mix, or 100% dry...

EDIT : (5 min later) found a bug, lol ok now it's doing *something*
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