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Question Has anyone got Ozone Elements working with Wine?

As pointed out elsewhere on this forum, iZotope is currently giving Ozone 8 Elements away free for a limited time (as a promotion for the upcoming new version of Ozone), so I figured I might as well give it a shot in Linux. It appears to install and start OK*, however, when I try to authorize it, I just get an 'internal error' message. This happens both when trying to run the plugin in a host (using Carla or linvst), or trying to install it with iZotope's Product Portal app (run with Wine directly). (Using a new wineprefix, with Wine 4.0.2, on a 64bit Debian testing system.)

* For some reason the installer wanted to create an iZotope folder directly into Z: which by default (at least on my system) is linked to /. Which is obviously a bad idea... I worked around this by temporarily removing Z: in winecfg, which made it create the folder in C: instead. I don't feel like this should cause errors in the functioning of the software, but I'm no Wine expert... *shrug*
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I haven't tried it yet but I plan to soon. I don't run wine but I've been playing with native Reaper a bit in Mint. I also own Rx elements, would nice if I could get that going as well.
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I have Elements installed in Mint 18 with latest
reaper, and wine-staging 4.17, and also the robocopy
installation and typical wine over-rides.
I was able to comlete the offline registration,
with Chromium browser (firefox fails) and received
Ozone_Elements.izotopelicense in my
Documents folder. I copied it to the seemingly
logical wine izootope locations.

The serial and challenge codes are in the relevant
registry area, but ozone still opens it's authorization
panel. I've put in a request with Izotope support
concerning where to put the license file.
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