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Default Linux status support by REAPER 6?

So I am aware that I am going to ask a somewhat strange question (perhaps not too uncommon) about something that hasn't yet been released but, I figure I may as well ask since I would like to get some input for this particular one.

So, Linux's support has been going for awhile and seems to be on steady improvements. However, is still and in bold letters "Experimental and Unsupported" by both the site and the devs themselves. However, I heard some rumours or gossips that REAPER 6 would have official Linux support right alongside its Windows and macOS cousins, a "first class citizen" if you will.

However, I've been unable to verify whatever this was true or not. If anyone knows something I'd appreciate it, otherwise, thanks for looking out this post!

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My guess is that Cockos is refraining from calling Reaper for Linux "officially supported" at the moment just in case there's a significant bug they haven't been able to predict, and they can avoid a backlash from the users for not having been prepared. With significantly fewer people testing it, there is that possibility.

However even with fewer people testing it, some of us have done some pretty unusual/elaborate tests of it including bridged Windows VST plugins via third-party solutions, combinations of audio devices in Jack, using it in different distros with different kernels/configurations for realtime use, and so on.

Reaper for Linux is as stable as (and sometimes a lot more stable than) any other DAW software I've ever used. I don't even think about whether it's called "officially supported" or not because I see no difference. Besides its stability, it is also getting regular development. Check the prerelease threads and also the bugs thread (on this forum, specifically for Reaper for Linux). I find no difference between the current support of Reaper for Linux, and Reaper for OSX or Windows.

As for version 6: there is no official news about it. Speculation means very little. By some speculation, it was "bound to happen" several months ago. I wouldn't even bother thinking about it.
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All right, thanks for your input! I didn't know that there could be mission-critical bugs that could impact this version of REAPER, I do imagine that the devs do want to straighten the possible rough edges of the program before announcing it as "official/supported" as the rest of it, I may check the pre-releases and REAPER for Linux bugs thread too then!
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